Working aquariums for sale

03 May 2021 17:28 #1 by fergusq
Hi, after 20 years fishkeeping Im going to have to take a break from it :( so am selling up what I have.

Ive 2 tanks for sale:

First one is a Vision 450, Cristal Profi pump, about 45-50 African cichlids with breeding yellow labs, couple of plecos and others! Havent bought a fish for it in > 5 years, completely self sustaining and settled. Comes with tank, stand, pump, heaters, aerator, fish, wood, plus loads of rock. Would like to sell all in one go for about €950

Second one is a Trigon 190. Was planted but last year was away for a while and most of plants were eaten when I came back :) Again its a stable tank with cardinals, breeding mollies, swords etc as well as plecos, catfish and clown loach. Again would like to sell as one for about €200 inc tank, stand, pump, fish, heater, plants, smaller amount of rock and wood.

I am based in Kilcock, Ill help anyone load it but I cant transport - the big tank is big!! Not advertised anywhere else at the moment, but if response is slow Ill stick up on or equivalent soon (or if there are other sites anyone woud recommend!)


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