Tropical Aquariums (7140 topics)


Beginners Haven (974 topics)

For beginners, ask here about problems setting up your tank, adding fish, water changes, etc.

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Betta not eating
by GuppieLover
26 Oct 2017 11:49
Questions about Freshwater Tropical Fish

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Re: thinking of a change
by robert
05 Oct 2017 20:06

Foods and Feeding (143 topics)

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Re: Auto feeders
by robert
23 Aug 2017 16:16

Tropical Plants (791 topics)

Aquatic plants for tropical tanks

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Re: "A Stock of Green"
by robert
15 Nov 2017 22:31

Breeding Tropicals (522 topics)

Breeding freshwater tropicals

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Re: Discus pair
by robert
06 Nov 2017 17:18

Water and Health (1074 topics)

Tropical freshwater chemistry and fish health

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Re: Mouth fungus
by derek
07 Sep 2017 23:23

Tropical Misc (569 topics)

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Cichlids (919 topics)

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Discus (282 topics)

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Re: Mixing discus types
by Rosskeegan24
03 Oct 2017 11:09

Catfish (253 topics)

From Synodontis to L number Plecos.

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Re: Red lizard whiptail pleco
by robert
10 Nov 2017 23:01

Livebearers (63 topics)

Guppies/Mollies and other livebearers.

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Re: Many happy returns.
by Bill
30 Sep 2017 10:28

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Re: Betta pallifina
by Homer
26 Aug 2017 21:01

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Re: Shrimp tank
by davet
19 Nov 2017 19:40
A section for those interested in small aquaria, please confine posts to this section which apply to such tanks.

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Re: Ordered a new tank!
by alan 64
05 Nov 2017 18:21

Killifish (21 topics)

This section is for anything to do with Killies - from the egg through to the they African, South American or even European Killies.

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Re: My new killis
by robert
20 Dec 2016 22:15
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