Retirement and forum shutdown (17 Jan 2022)


John Howell who has managed the forum for years is getting on and wishes to retire from the role of managing it.
Over the years, he has managed the forum through good days and bad days and he has always been fair.
He has managed to bring his passion for fish keeping to the forum and keep it going for so long.

I wish to thank John for his hard work in keeping the forum going.

With John wishing to "retire" from the role of managing the forum and the forum receiving very little traffic, I think we must agree that forum has come to a natural conclusion and it's time to put it to rest.

I am proposing that the forum be made read-only from March 2022 onwards and that no new users or content be created. The website is still registered for several more years, so the content will still be accessible but no new topics or replies will be allowed.

If there is interest from the ITFS or other fish keeping clubs, we may redirect traffic to them or to a Facebook group but will not actively manage it.

I'd like to thank everyone over the years who helped with forum, posted a reply, started a new topic, ask a question and helped a newbie in fish keeping. And thank you to the sponsors who helped us along the away. Hopefully it made the hobby stronger.

I'd especially like to thank John Howell and Valerie Rousseau for all of their contributions, without them the forum would have never been has successful.

Thank you
Darragh Sherwin

Planning a marine tank

31 Jul 2016 18:08 #1 by fishmad1234 (Craig Coyle)
I have always wanted to get back into keeping marine fish.

And was having a conversation with the wife about getting a tank for the sitting room and to my surprise she suggested getting marine fish.

I have a lot of time to plan my venture back into marine fish going on holidays and starting a new job when I get back and off the smokes so I can justify spending the extra money on marine fish.

Kept a 90 litre boyu before a good few years ago but I'm going to treat this as my first flurry into marines.

Thinking of getting a 200-300 litre tank with a sump I reckon marine fish is made a small bit easier with the help of a sump.

So in going to be doing some research over the next 2 months or so.

I will be asking a lot of questions a lot of marine equipment I have never used before skimmer ect.

Any and all advice is welcome and wanted especially in and around scapeing and corals ,anemones and the best peaceful community fish to keep.

Also if anyone has a marine tank available in the next few months let me know please.

Excited to start the planning but I will be patient and do everything by the book :)


at the end of the day it becomes nite

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31 Jul 2016 20:48 #2 by robert (robert carter)
looking forward to following this project

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31 Jul 2016 22:55 #3 by Lakes1985 (David Ward)

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01 Aug 2016 10:19 #4 by Hicker12 (Stephen Hickey)
There are some very good threads in this section. I found them very interesting and helpful. Grab a coffee and have a good read, i even took notes! Also some good stuff on youtube. Bulk reef supply was recommended to me and is very good.

Im in the same boat as yourself, have been researching and reading for months now and there is lots to learn. Im hoping to get a 4 or 5 foot tank in the next few weeks so keep an eye here as i will start a new thread when i get up and running.



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01 Aug 2016 13:05 #5 by Jonlate (Jon Late)
Good luck with this project, keep us up todate with the decisions you are thinking of making.
As you know what size tank, and that it will be sumped, I think the next decision will be, will you go the 'trition method' or the 'normal way' followed by coral, fish, or mixture of both.
Make good use of the holiday and research.
Oh and enjoy the trip!

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02 Aug 2016 01:28 #6 by Sukahn (Shane Doorley)
Heya mate, best of luck orgainising everything. We are all here to help and a good few of us are new to marine as well, im only running 20months now.

I have an M90 136L tank currently for sale and will have a 3ft Clearseal tank going for sale probably next week so i can spend more time on my 5ft tank. Let me know if your interested in anything or if i can help with any questions you have :)

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