Retirement and forum shutdown (17 Jan 2022)


John Howell who has managed the forum for years is getting on and wishes to retire from the role of managing it.
Over the years, he has managed the forum through good days and bad days and he has always been fair.
He has managed to bring his passion for fish keeping to the forum and keep it going for so long.

I wish to thank John for his hard work in keeping the forum going.

With John wishing to "retire" from the role of managing the forum and the forum receiving very little traffic, I think we must agree that forum has come to a natural conclusion and it's time to put it to rest.

I am proposing that the forum be made read-only from March 2022 onwards and that no new users or content be created. The website is still registered for several more years, so the content will still be accessible but no new topics or replies will be allowed.

If there is interest from the ITFS or other fish keeping clubs, we may redirect traffic to them or to a Facebook group but will not actively manage it.

I'd like to thank everyone over the years who helped with forum, posted a reply, started a new topic, ask a question and helped a newbie in fish keeping. And thank you to the sponsors who helped us along the away. Hopefully it made the hobby stronger.

I'd especially like to thank John Howell and Valerie Rousseau for all of their contributions, without them the forum would have never been has successful.

Thank you
Darragh Sherwin


13 Jul 2015 15:43 - 13 Jul 2015 15:45 #1 by ceech (Desmond Gaynor)
Took a little video last night of the lighting effect on my Radions :-)
Last edit: 13 Jul 2015 15:45 by ceech (Desmond Gaynor).

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15 Jul 2015 22:23 #2 by carlowchris (chris)
cool B) B) B)

I found the lighting effect on mine a bit annoying after a while...just knowing exactly when it was going to happen just annoyed me :hammer: :hammer: but was able to set mine to go completely randomly.. :whistle:

can ya do the same with the radions????how programmable are they????

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16 Jul 2015 08:03 #3 by helix8008 (Tomas Novak)
Maybe stupid question, but what's the purpose of the radions? My first thought would be that it will stress the fish? But I'm no marine expert :laugh:

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16 Jul 2015 10:52 #4 by ceech (Desmond Gaynor)
Hey chris you can set when during the day you want it and then you can also factor in a % chnace of it happening the same as clouds. I have mine on 30% so maybe 2 times a week it goes off. You can play around with a fair amount :-)
No the effect does not stress the fish at all they continue to feed as normal it happened when feeding the other day. It happens in the wild without a problem :-)

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16 Jul 2015 10:55 #5 by ceech (Desmond Gaynor)
Radion for me because i like the leds and they are a great unit for the requirments for the corals i want to have.

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16 Jul 2015 11:34 #6 by helix8008 (Tomas Novak)
Yea I meant the lightning effect. I'm not sure if I could get use to it. Hope it's not it your bedroom or you turn it off for night, not much sleep with that going on :laugh:

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16 Jul 2015 14:31 #7 by carlowchris (chris)
ive my lighting effect turned down to only on a 5% chance. Rarely get to see it...

yeah its hard to get used to but in theory it should provide a little bit more of a natural environment....loads of lighting on outside

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17 Jul 2015 08:44 #8 by ceech (Desmond Gaynor)
i can choose what times of the day i can have it on also the chnace % so if i want i can have 0 after lights out.I rarley get to see it. It also simulates clouds during the day too :-)

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