Retirement and forum shutdown (17 Jan 2022)


John Howell who has managed the forum for years is getting on and wishes to retire from the role of managing it.
Over the years, he has managed the forum through good days and bad days and he has always been fair.
He has managed to bring his passion for fish keeping to the forum and keep it going for so long.

I wish to thank John for his hard work in keeping the forum going.

With John wishing to "retire" from the role of managing the forum and the forum receiving very little traffic, I think we must agree that forum has come to a natural conclusion and it's time to put it to rest.

I am proposing that the forum be made read-only from March 2022 onwards and that no new users or content be created. The website is still registered for several more years, so the content will still be accessible but no new topics or replies will be allowed.

If there is interest from the ITFS or other fish keeping clubs, we may redirect traffic to them or to a Facebook group but will not actively manage it.

I'd like to thank everyone over the years who helped with forum, posted a reply, started a new topic, ask a question and helped a newbie in fish keeping. And thank you to the sponsors who helped us along the away. Hopefully it made the hobby stronger.

I'd especially like to thank John Howell and Valerie Rousseau for all of their contributions, without them the forum would have never been has successful.

Thank you
Darragh Sherwin

cichlids mixes with tetras

29 Mar 2013 14:57 #1 by norbert.kokavec (NORBERT)
Hi all,

Please see this video, my cichlids are ok with my tetras. There are is no prob in fishtank, they are together since long time, maybe over 6 monts. Is it ok, or shoul I get my tetras off tank?

Can anyone recomend any good natural way to keep the fish not stressed?
I dont want to yse any chemicals, etc.

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07 Apr 2013 23:58 #2 by Fin Tastic (Denis Dave)
i would say you will have problems down the line for sure. i have personally kept many types of cichlid with tetras like apistogrammas, rams, keyholes checkerboards, kribensis etc but the likes of your cyrtocara and tropheus will not do well in the long run for a couple of reasons. their water chemistry requirements are very different to your tetras ie. they require water of a higher ph (over 8) and higher alk. tetras and other most other compatible cichlids will thrive around the neutral. African cichlids also tend to be aggressive by nature, some are predatory and territorial. your tetras will not be tolerable of such behavior and will end up quiet stressed out to being bullied and harassed. there is also the problem that if you have a male and female kribensis in your tank and they become a breeding pair you could create further aggression issues if the tank is not big enough for them to have adequate space to guard their young.

tropheus which i also see in your tank are ideally set up for species only tanks to be honest. their dietary requirements are quiet specific. they cannot handle large amounts of animal based protein as they are adapted to consume only algae which they naturally graze on in the wild. they should ideally be restricted to a diet of spirulina flakes and vegetable matter like lettuce, spinach, occasional amounts of cichlid flake are ok but the majority of the diet should be vegetable based. they can suffer from bloat as their digestive system struggles to digest animal based matter if they are fed the wrong foods over extended periods of time.

i would personally make a decision based on your tank size, equipment, personal taste and careful research into the preferred species as to what road to go down but there needs to be some evictions sadly to have a happy tank in the long run.

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